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We offer CNC router and laser cutting services. We can cut most materials in almost any shape quickly and affordably. Get a quote and let’s start collaborating today.

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CNC Routering & Laser Cutting Services

CNC Router

CNC stands for computer numerical control. A CNC router is a machine that is used to cut and mould materials based on a computer vector drawings. This is a reliable method in achieving excellent accuracy and speed that wouldn’t be possible by hand. Machine bed size is 3000 x 2000. Our cutting services is costed per hour with 30 minutes minimum time.

Plastic Cutting

We can cut and engrave a large variety of plastics and composite products. Including Perspex, PET, Polystyrene, EVA, Foamed PVC. Ideal for signage templates and stencils. CNC or laser cut depending on the type of material and the size of the project.

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wood cutting

Do you have a design you need cut. We can assist you. Whether it is from solid timber or sheets of wood including HDF, MDF, OBS, Plywood, or Veneers and laminated woods.

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Acoustic Panels

Looking for decorative wall and ceiling screens, Acoustic panels,  room dividers or feature walls? We can design and produce them in any shape with any pattern

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creative design

Need design work done? Not a problem we are able to take your product from concept through to  fruition by offering prototype models and samples,  proof checking the application ensuring the design is suited to your requirements. Lets Talk!

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product design

We are passionate about design and bringing ideas on paper to reality. We have enjoyed working on many collaborations our clients, designers and makers on a spectrum of projects. see more in the gallery

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laser Cutting

Our Laser cutter offers unique services in creating pieces of expert precision cutting on a 1200mm X 900mm flat bed with an incredible accuracy of 0.1mm. Specializing in the signage and engraving fields, however extending into prototype manufacturing, corporate gifts, and arts and crafts projects. Our services are offered on most wooden products up to 6mm thick as well as plastics and perspex materials up to a thickness of 25mm.

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many materials

From Composite materials like Trespa, PVC Foam boards, PET sheets, Acrylics, perspex, plexiglasses, ACM (Aluinium Composite), MDF and Solid Wood, we cut anything that comes in sheets

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signage cutting

We make interior and Exterior signs, dimensional letters and logos, engravings, for exhibitions shop fronts, events and promotions.

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Textured Panels

Textured Panels, we are able to generate many different textured panels for furniture and decorative wall cladding. 

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