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CNC - Cutting & Engraving

CNC Custom Cutting
We router  MDF Boards, Solid wood, Laminate Wood, Veneer Boards, ACM, plastics and aluminium. 
Bed size 1950 mm X 2950 mm allowing for single full sheet cuts at an accuracy of 0.05mm 
Ideal for large signage applications, exhibition design features and retail displays.

Chair Frames

Chair frames , custom cut to your requirements

Chair Frames

Wave & Pattern Board

3D Wall Panels are an exciting range of decorative, textured wall panels with patterns carved into their surface. A feature wall in 3D Wall Panels creates a huge impact, lending an architectural feel to the room at relatively little cost.

Wave & Pattern Boards

Industrial Design Services

Need design work done? Not a problem we are able to take your product from concept through to a fruition. From prototype models to multiple parts from a variety of materials.

Design Services

We Provide Laser Cutting & Engraving 

Our Laser cutter offers unique services in creating pieces of expert precision on our 1200mm X 900mm flat bed with an incredible accuracy of 0.1mm. We offer multiple services on our laser cutting machine specializing in the signage and engraving fields, however extending into prototype manufacturing, corporate gifts, and arts and crafts projects. 

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Our Popular Products

Wood Cutting

We are experts in cutting and finishing sheets of wood. Be it MDF or Plywood, Solid Wood or Veneer or a more specialised composite materials, we can cut it perfectly in the design you need.


Plastic Cutting

We can cut and carve a large variety of plastics. From Acrylic to Foamed PVC (such as Foamex and Forex) to clear Perspex and Plexiglass. This service is ideal for signage and templates.



We can make interior and exterior signs, dimensional letters and logos, engravings, front shop decorations and more. Optionally, we offer a spray painting service to match your brand perfectly.




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Custom made Products

2 Drawer bedside Table

Built in Wine Rack

3D Signage 
Special Project