CNC Cutting Services

CNC stands for Computer numerical control, essentially it is a computer controlled cutting machine, similar to a router, used for cutting wood, composites, plastics and aluminium. Our CNC Router Machine has a cutting bed size 1950mm X 2950mm which allows for single full sheet cuts. Ideal for large signage applications, exhibition designs and retail displays. Clients are ensured of quick turn around times and deliveries.

Design and Development

Need design work done? Not a problem we are able to take your product from concept through to fruition. In addition we can 3D print one off prototypes or multiple parts from a variety of materials to showcase design concepts to check the application to ensure the design is suited to your requirements. Lets Talk.


Custom Designed Pieces


Often our clients have a vision for a piece of furniture, lighting, or a unique accessory piece that can’t be found and has to be made, that's where we bring their vision to realisation in to custom designed piece. As a creative person and a designer, I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with my clients on designing the object of their vision, and bringing that vision to life. Let's Talk

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