Kayla Vorster

Active Concepts is an amazing place to get your manufacturing done! Collaborating and working with them was such a pleasure and a great experience. I am a student from Open Window and I had the opportunity to design a furniture piece for a university project. They took the time to understand my project and manufactured it accordingly and met the deadline. The hands-on experience I gained by working with them is invaluable and allowed me to shape my skills and knowledge. It is rare to find manufacturers who take young designers seriously, but Active Concepts is committed to customer satisfaction and they delivered a final product that exceeded all of my expectations. 


Their service is exceptional and they went above and beyond when manufacturing my furniture piece. What sets them apart is their dedication and willingness to assist students. It is completely evident that they have a great knowledge of their field and their expertise shined through in every interaction. They are transparent, honest and their quality of service left a lasting impression and it left me feeling like a valued customer. I hope to work with them again in the future and will eagerly recommend this service to anyone who needs it!


- Kayla Vorster 2023

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